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Exploring Elderhood Discussion Circle

The latest in-home Widening the Circle offering is a more than slightly relevant topic to a wide swath of us! The idea emerged from a film discussion, when eight SUUFers got psyched about the possibilities for rich discussions with friends about elderhood.

January 2022 – In Spite of It All

As we say goodbye to 2021 and Greetings and Blessings to 2022, let us be grateful for all that is, in spite of it all. It is, and has been, a trying time to put it mildly. It is a Time of Tumult, arguably more … read more.

December 2021 – Shall We Dare?

Much appreciation to all who participated in November’s “Poetry as A Spiritual Practice” worship service. It was such a joy and pleasure. Yes, we shall do it again! Today marks the first day of Hannukah, in the Jewish tradition, and reminds us of the Holiday … read more.

Calling all SUUF Poets & Poetry Readers

A Message to Our SUUF Members and Friends,

On Sunday, November 14th we will present our SUUF service ““Poetry As A Spiritual Practice”.  We would love to feature several of our Fellowship’s original poems, and so we invite you to share your poetry (and/or your voice, if you’d … read more.

October 2021 – Poetry as a Spiritual Practice

As we continue our emergence from and recognize our present emergence within the Covid-19 pandemic, let us root our decisions in the values of consent and inclusion as our UUA asks of us. Honoring the arrival of our Fall Season, I offer the following self-reflecting … read more.

September 2021 – No Matter What

I’m picturing, as I am sure you have seen, one of those television weather reports where a reporter is standing in drenching rain with strong winds blowing so hard that they can barely keep their balance. Sometimes, these days may feel that way, even though … read more.