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Calling all SUUF Poets & Poetry Readers

A Message to Our SUUF Members and Friends,

On Sunday, November 14th we will present our SUUF service ““Poetry As A Spiritual Practice”.  We would love to feature several of our Fellowship’s original poems, and so we invite you to share your poetry (and/or your voice, if you’d … read more.

October 2021 – Poetry as a Spiritual Practice

As we continue our emergence from and recognize our present emergence within the Covid-19 pandemic, let us root our decisions in the values of consent and inclusion as our UUA asks of us. Honoring the arrival of our Fall Season, I offer the following self-reflecting … read more.

September 2021 – No Matter What

I’m picturing, as I am sure you have seen, one of those television weather reports where a reporter is standing in drenching rain with strong winds blowing so hard that they can barely keep their balance. Sometimes, these days may feel that way, even though … read more.