Reverend Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson is well-known to the Sedona UU community, having participated in services after his move to the Sedona area and later serving as an intern minister prior to attending Starr King School for the Ministry. He received the Master of Divinity degree in 2018 and was officially ordained in October, 2020.

We were pleased to have him lead this congregation as our minister for 2021-22, and are honored to have him continue this journey with us in 2022-23. Please visit this page frequently to read his monthly messages.

Reverend Anthony may be contacted directly at

Ministerial History

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Minister’s Corner

  • May 2023 (from Minister & President)
    It’s been quite a year, and we have much to reflect upon, to celebrate, and to look forward to. Our reflections on our past year will be in the Annual Report. This message is a glimpse into the upcoming year which looks so bright, we’re “gonna hafta to wear shades!”
  • April 2023
    “Nine More”
  • March 2023
    March 21st marks the third gathering of our UU History Class. In this episode we encounter Unitarian Universalism as it arrives on American shores. Maybe that’s why the following poem showed up, inspired by Francis Ellington Abbot, Cyrus Augustus Bartol, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • February 2023
    We celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of African-Americans during this month recognized as” Black History Month” with a salute to The Ancestors.
  • January 2023
    Welcome to the Year 2023! Let us greet this year with open Arms and Hearts! We celebrated the Winter Season of 2022 by recognizing the Holidays of Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa. We Unitarian Universalists recognize and honor these Holidays and Holy Days in a Living Tradition that calls us to be aware of changes …
  • December 2022
    Greetings and Blessings All, Welcome to our season of Winter Holidays for all and Holy Days for many. During this month we will share messages concerning “Widening The Circle,” an embracing of those who have been systemically excluded. We will remind ourselves of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and reaffirm our belief in and ...
  • November 2022 – A Sinner in Winter
    Let this be a message of Gratitude and Appreciation for all that has come so far, and all that is to come, to this Fellowship in our upcoming future. May we defy the esteemed Mr. Eliot and continue to learn from and about one another. In the mean-time and in between time… Be More Than ...
  • October 2022 – Laps Have No Gender
    The concerns, the confusion and the chatter around the issue of Gender reverberates in my head this morning. I recall the message of the famous Persian poet Hafiz, who when asked “How does it feel to be a man?” replied “I view Gender as a beautiful animal that people often take for a walk on a ...
  • September 2022 – Welcome Forth
    Normally, at the beginning of a new SUUF year we would say Welcome Back! These are not normal times, so I say, Welcome Forth! These are times that, I believe, we are being called forth, not back.
  • May 2022 – Minister’s Message
    I received a very special tattoo this morning. My five-year-old grandson and ten-year old grand-daughter were excited to share their tattoo offerings with me this morning. Together, we opened a yellow Easter egg shaped plastic container. Inside were paper tattoos, which when wet, were easily applied. After receiving my blue big-eyed goldfish tattoo, I began ...
  • April 2022 – Minister’s Message
    As we all watch the nightly coverage of the horror of the war in Ukraine, I wonder about the concept of war and violence around our world. I also discovered that Ukraine, in fact, is older than Russia. Kyiv (Capital of Ukraine) is 665 years older than Moscow. “Kyiv” was founded in 432 CE, in ...
  • March 2022 – Minister’s Message
    In our current time of turmoil, where the threat of war is much more than a threat for some. Where daily news stories depict the faces of what war really looks like. The fear, the pain, our humanness or lack thereof on full display. Does it really matter What they are fighting for? Does it ...