Weekly and Special Email Updates

Each Saturday an email goes to all to inform members and friends of news or events.  Contact admin@sedonauu.org to get weekly updates.

Midweek announcements are often sent as reminders of discussion groups and upcoming events.

SUUF Monthly Newsletter

Our Newsletter, The Flame, appears when you click on “Newsletter” on the Home Page of this website.  It also arrives in emails at the beginning of each month with lots of news: messages from our minister and president, upcoming events, Sunday service topics, board minutes, SUUF and Me which is interviews with congregants, men’s breakfast and women’s lunch times and places, community outreach news, committee and team updates, discussion group topics and dates, SUUF Recycling (selling items with the funds going to SUUF), Transitions, PFLAG News…and more!

If you’d like to be on the email list for weekly emails and/or the newsletter, please contact admin@sedonauu.org.