SUUF & Us: Thomas & Lou Ann Bruck

Name: Thomas Bruck / Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio

Name: Lou Ann Bruck / Place of Birth: Galveston, TX


When did you come to the Verde Valley and why? We originally came here to visit when we lived in Scottsdale from 1980 to 1982. We had unique spiritual experiences that led us to Sedona and kept us here!

What is your religious background? I am an ordained minister and a graduate of the National Spiritual Science Church four year ministerial program. We studied all the religions of the world and all the ways one can read energy. We also studied Quantum Physics. Students became psychics and channels.

What brought you to SUUF? Our dear friend Ellie Cooper.

How does SUUF fit into your spiritual journey? The majority of my spiritual experience has been a philosophy of inclusion and unconditional love which emanates at SUUF!

Lou Ann

When did you come to the Verde Valley and why? I moved from Texas to Phoenix, Arizona in 1979 to be part of the A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment – Edgar Cayce) Wholistic Medical Clinic, where Thomas was the Clinic’s Director and I was a pharmacist and massage therapist. In1982 Thomas and I married. In 1988 we moved to Sedona, which we loved!

What is your religious background? I was raised Catholic – grade school, high school, and 2 years of catholic college: University of St Thomas in Houston, TX. I finished Pharmacy school in 1973 at the University of Houston.

What brought you to SUUF? Thomas and I wanted to be part of a larger spiritual community of like-minded people. My friend, Linda Brefeld (we’re in NVC – non-violent communication practice group together) mentioned that she was part of SUUF and our friend, Ellie Cooper with her mom, Judy, also were going, which piqued our interest. Once we went, we loved Reverend Anthony and Susannah Martin immediately!

How does SUUF fit into your spiritual journey? It adds to my spiritual journey by being part of others’ journey! It adds to the fun and deeper meaning of our lives by participating in a caring community!