How to make connections at SUUF (though you won’t find it difficult)!


Attend a Few Services

Come to several of Rev. Anthony’s Sunday talks.  Do you resonate with the sermon and  the style of the service—its informality, warmth, and humor.  Did you enjoy Susannah Martin’s musical choices and performance?  Attend, too, a service led by congregants, such as “SUUF and Me” or a sharing of poetry.

After the service, enjoy the coffee and conversation gathering.  Introduce yourself to some of the congregants.  Don’t be shy in asking questions such as “How long have you been involved with SUUF?” or “What draws you here?”  Do you find yourself wanting to get to know them better?

Join Social Events

Another great way to become more connected to is join social events such as Sharing Circles home groups, Evolving Elders and Social Justice 3rd Friday Film Discussion Groups, a Friendly Feast dinner gathering, or the SUUF Book Group.  Would you like to spend more time with the people you meet there?


SUUF always welcomes a helping hand, and no special training is required!

A good way to get to get a feel for SUUF is volunteering to help with congregational tasks, such as setting up for the Sunday morning service or helping to put on a special SUUF event.  If you hear a request for volunteers to help with an upcoming SUUF celebration, such as the Holiday party, the annual Mardi Gras auction, or the Talent Show, step up to join the team.

Give our social justice activities a try.  Sign up to help with efforts to pack food for kids’ backpacks, help at Manzanita Outreach, or contribute to the team that supports Hope House for homeless families. See if you enjoy the spirit of cooperative collaboration you find.

Attend a Newcomer Orientation Session

SUUF provides periodic small group gatherings before a Sunday service for people who want to know more about SUUF.  This provides a way to meet and talk with some of the members and the minister and to learn more about SUUF.   Did the information and people inspire you to continue on your journey with SUUF?

Become a Member of a SUUF Team

We encourage all members and friends to participate on teams on which they have an interest or a skill they’d like to share. Refer to Connections for a list of teams, interest groups and social groups. Send a query to to get more information about the team, if you wish.

Talk with the Minister and/or Board Members about Membership

Ask Rev. Anthony to meet with you to discuss your thoughts and feelings about membership.  Ask our President, Tanya Mayer, about when the next New Member orientation and brunch will be held.

Decide which of the following involvement levels feels best to you at this point:

Friends are supporters and frequent attendees of services and events sponsored by the church. Many friends make a financial commitment to the church and are listed in the SUUF Directory.  To be listed in the directory, email

Members are individuals who have joined SUUF by completing the membership requirements.  Active Members in good standing have a voice in the governance of the church. They elect the Board of Directors, approve the annual budget and vote on changes to the church by-laws at the annual meeting or at special meetings held during the course of the year. They also receive the Unitarian Universalist magazine, UU World, as a benefit of membership.