SUUF and Me: Jayana Clerk

Name: Jayana Clerk

Place of Birth: Mumbai, India


When did you come to the Verde Valley and why?

I ‘discovered’ Sedona in 1994, resulting in early retirement from an academic career. I call myself a ‘recovering academic’! 

What is your religious background?

Born and raised ‘nominal Hindu,’ my journey has been an amalgam of various religions, histories of cultures, and world literatures. Being a global citizen is my driving force – sort of ‘religion’ for me. 

What brought you to SUUF?

COVID isolation created a huge gap from outside world for all of us, and SUUF happened to show up! 

How does SUUF fit into your spiritual journey?

SUUF principles echo the ancient Vedic and Upanishadic traditions that constitute my religious/ spiritual background! 

[This article appeared in the SUUF Newsletter for October, 2022]