Tanya Mayer

Email: president@sedonauu.orgĀ 

Tanya was elected in May 2022 to complete the term of “retiring” president Chris Seeholzer.


Gary Stewart

Email: treasurer@sedonauu.org

Gary joined the SUUF Board in September, 2021.

Pat Kopitke

Email: admin@sedonauu.org

Pat joined the Board in Sept 2018 as a Member-at-Large, and was elected Secretary for 2021-2023.

Helen Knoll

Email: helen@sedonauu.org

Helen joined the Board in 2021, and was elected to a second term for 2022-2023. As part of her role she leads the Caring Committee. Please contact her to let her know of anyone who may appreciate a note of cheer

Deidre Roen


Deidre was elected to the Board in 2022.


We express our appreciation to our former Board members, including:

Chris SeeholzerChris Seeholzer led the SUUF Board of Trustees as President from August 2018 through May 2022, having previously served as a Member-at-Large.



As a Member-at-Large for 2021-22, Eddie DeJarnette took on several roles, among them participating in updating the SUUF ByLaws.