UU Soup: Season to Taste

In Unitarian Universalism, our birthright or adopted tradition, I often wonder (even, fret) about the degree of communal memory or the level of familiarity with the UU “recipe.” Critics both inside and outside of our movement suggest that we are a smorgasbord of side dishes … read more.

The Heartbeat of Trees

In his masterwork, Walden, Henry David Thoreau explained that he “went to the woods to live deliberately.” In this sermon honoring Indigenous People, we’ll explore what it might mean to live, as they have, in a deliberate and conscious relationship with the sacred natural world. … read more.

Vote Love, Defeat Hate

This fall, the UU the Vote team is excited to invite all our Unitarian Universalist congregations and covenanting communities to participate in a special UU the Vote Worship Service, drawing together voices from across Unitarian Universalism as we ground together in our faith and roll … read more.