Of Bone and Sinew

Ellen Craft and her husband William escaped American Slavery on an amazing journey of one-thousand miles in search of peace and freedom. Clutching their dream of having children born as free persons, born of free ”bone and sinew,” their saga is one of love and … read more.

SUUF and Me

Our Worship Service this Sunday will focus upon real life stories presented by SUUF Members. Chris Seeholzer, Kathy Kinsella, and Joe Wine will share how their spiritual journey led them to Unitarian Universalism and to SUUF.

This in-person service was held in the sanctuary at the … read more.

Thresholds of Life

A threshold is an entrance, doorway, boundary between two places or states. It can mark the end of something and also the beginning, the finishing of one thing or the onset of another.  A threshold in Life can be a point of transition, emergence, awakening, … read more.