Speaker: Rev. Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson

The Gift of Heritage

Join us this Sunday for a special worship service entitled “The Gift of Heritage,” as we celebrate the rich spiritual and cultural legacies that shape our faith and identity. This service will be a time to reflect on the blessings of our heritage and the … read more.

Why We Need Each Other

Join us this Sunday for a profound and uplifting worship service centered on the theme “Why We Need Each Other.” In a world that often emphasizes individuality, we come together to celebrate the beauty and strength found in community and mutual support. In this service, … read more.

Father’s Day

Join us this Sunday for a special Father’s Day worship service as we honor and celebrate the fathers and father figures in our lives. Our service will be a time of gratitude, reflection, and inspiration, designed to recognize the unique contributions of fathers in our … read more.

The Gift of Renewal

This SUUF worship service welcomes ”The Gift of Renewal,” affording us an opportunity to ask ourselves: what if “time away” isn’t about restoring yourself in order to return to work, but rather making space to decide if it’s time to re-imagine what your “true work” … read more.

The 8th Principle

The 8th Principle Project is a grassroots movement started in 2013, aimed at articulating a commitment to dismantle racism and other forms of oppression within Unitarian Universalist congregations. This Sunday we will speak to the 8th Principle which states:

“We, the member congregations of the Unitarian … read more.

Every Day is Mother’s Day

This SUUF Worship Service will recognize and honor those mothers who have taught us how to be human. Those mothers who grew a human in their body. Those mothers who have been, and are presently, a mother to any sentient being. Motherliness is much more … read more.

The Gift of Pluralism

This SUUF worship service celebrates the rich tapestry of beliefs, cultures, and identities that make up our world, honoring pluralism as a spiritual gift that enriches our communities and enhances our understanding of the divine. Pluralism underscores the importance of embracing diversity, fostering inclusivity, and … read more.

The Gift of Interdependence

This SUUF worship service celebrates the profound interconnectedness of all life, exploring the theme of interdependence as a spiritual and ethical foundation for building compassionate communities and fostering environmental stewardship. By recognizing our mutual reliance on one another and the Earth, we cultivate a deeper … read more.

The Gift of Generosity

The focus of this SUUF worship service is to explore and celebrate the profound impact that acts of generosity can have on individuals, communities, and the interconnected web of all existence. Through reflection, and music, we will delve into how generosity enriches both the giver … read more.

Sermon on the Amount

This SUUF Worship Service, “Sermon On The Amount,” will ask us to consider what is truly ours. Our spiritual home is not just another charity to consider – this is where we live out our values individually and as a community. This is the priority … read more.