Speaker: Rev. Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson

Radiating Gratitude

This SUUF Worship Service reflected this Minister’s thoughts and feelings about the past year serving as Minister of the Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. What a sense of great fulness I feel as we wrap up our final sermon of the season. We are more than … read more.

L.O.V. E. – Living Our Vision Everyday

This SUUF Worship Service will highlight our commitment to building the Beloved Community as a daily practice. We will call upon three pillars of the SUUF vision of being theologically diverse, radically inclusive and justice centered as stated in our Sedona Unitarian Universalist Shared Affirmation … read more.

Every Day is Mother’s Day

This SUUF Worship Service will recognize and honor those mothers who have taught us how to be human. Those mothers who grew a human in their body. Those mothers who have been, and are presently, a mother to any sentient being. Motherliness is much more … read more.

Lovely, Awesome and Perfect

Our Worship Service “Lovely, Awesome and Perfect” reflects and describes the words of a song that is traditionally sung to young children. Over the years I have found that we adults need to hear it, too. What if you had heard, over and over from … read more.

Rolling Back The Stone

Our Worship Service, “Rolling Back The Stone,” will recognize Easter Sunday, Passover, and Ramadan, as well as those Earth Centered Traditions that recognize ancient, naturally occurring phenomenon. We will ask what a time after the earthquake might look like. A time after the death of … read more.

Sermon on The Amount

Our SUUF Worship Service, “Sermon On The Amount,” will ask us to consider what is truly ours. So, what is yours? How about, what you came here with. Your wit, your insight, your character, a gallbladder, couple hips, a head and a heart. Money is … read more.

The Great Undoing

“The Great Undoing” could be a prescription for our current time of turmoil within America. This worship service will offer a way, an attitude, an internal expression, an embodied approach to whatever is happening around us and our families. The good news is you already … read more.

Living With Intention

Our worship service this Sunday will ask us to consider the difference between setting intentions that pull us forward or outward to set new goals which is a good thing. And Living with Intention which speaks to allowing ourselves to be pulled inward, to listen … read more.

A Strange Freedom

This SUUF Worship Service will give voice to the Reverend Howard Thurman, mystic, preacher and spiritual advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr. Reverend Thurman was the first black dean at a white university, co-founder of the first interracially pastored, intercultural church in the United States … read more.