Speaker: Rev. Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson

New Beginnings

Our worship service this Sunday is entitled “New Beginnings.” We will gather in fellowship as we close out the year and welcome the opportunities and challenges that come with all new beginnings. We shall embrace the promise of a fresh start and the dawn of … read more.

Celebrating the Winter Holidays

Join us this Sunday for our worship service entitled “Celebrating the Winter Holidays.”  We will recognize and embrace the beauty of the season with appreciation and gratitude that reflects the magic and unity of this special time. Together we shall explore the rich tapestry of … read more.

The Great Mystery

Join us this Sunday for our worship service entitled “The Great Mystery.” Embark on a journey of spiritual exploration as we explore the depths of the divine, seeking to unravel the sacred questions surrounding the space and place we occupy. Who are we really? Where … read more.

Ubuntu: I Am because You Are

Join us for a transformative worship experience as we delve into the profound essence of Ubuntu, a concept rooted in African philosophy that celebrates the interconnectedness of all humanity. Our Ubuntu Worship Service is an invitation to explore the beauty of unity, compassion, and of … read more.

Giving as a Spiritual Practice

Join us this Sunday for our worship service entitled, “Giving As A Spiritual Practice.” A spiritual practice or discipline is the regular performance of actions for spiritual development. Can giving qualify as a spiritual practice? Is giving worthy of all the hype? We shall also … read more.

Walking in Gratitude

Our worship service this Sunday explores the quality of being thankful, what we refer to as gratitude. What is it that makes you grateful? How does gratitude show up in our lives and how do we express that gratitude? One of my favorite phrases that … read more.

Honoring The Ancestors

Our worship service this Sunday will honor those who have come before us. Many cultures throughout time immemorial believe that the dead have a continued presence and existence and are an unseen element of our daily living. We invite our members and friends to bring … read more.

Future Humans, Human Futures

For several centuries now, at least, humans have defined being human based upon a notion predicated on our ability to think and to reason. Our worship service this Sunday will explore what it means to be human in an age where machines can also think … read more.

What Is Our Inheritance?

Our worship service this Sunday asks the question: ”What is Our Inheritance?”  We will explore, what we have inherited as a people, as a country and as a faith tradition. What are those elements of our existence that seem to be genetic, seem to come … read more.

Our Collective Story

This Sunday marks the celebration of our SUUF 30th Anniversary. We shall share stories from our past, how these stories show up in our present and what guidance and insight they may hold for our future. We know that after nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories … read more.