SUUF Ministerial Presentation SURVEY
Please click on this BRIEF SURVEY which was designed by SUUF’s Ministerial Search Committee to assist them in their committee work by receiving feedback from SUUF members. This survey is for research purposes only and the ministers being evaluated are not necessarily candidates for the SUUF ministerial post. We appreciate your responses!

Unless otherwise noted, services can be found on our YouTube channel

Are You an Omnist?

An Omnist, in contemporary terms, has come to describe a person who recognizes and respects all religions or lack thereof. The Oxford dictionary defines an Omnist as one who “believes in all faiths or creeds, a person who believes in a single transcendent purpose or … read more.

Dreaming God or God Dreaming

In our society, and especially in the political sphere, we hear subtle and not so subtle claims to being “Godly.” In this morning’s service, will explore a provocative theological question posed by a 14-year-old UU some years ago in his Coming of Age Credo statement: … read more.