SUUF and Me: Eddie DeJarnette

Name: Eddie DeJarnette

Place of Birth: Fort Belvoir, Virginia

When did you come to the Verde Valley and why?

Penny and I chose Sedona as the place we would begin our retirement mainly because of its natural beauty and a climate that allows us to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Its location also allows us pretty good airport access for visiting our son in Portland, Oregon and our daughter in Richmond, Virginia.

What is your religious background?

Church attendance was mandatory in the home I grew up in, so I was exposed to several Protestant denominations during this time, but I never acquired much of an affinity for their teachings. I rarely attended church once I graduated from college and had no interest in doing so.

What brought you to SUUF?

Although I attended a Presbyterian church near Richmond Virginia for a short time when our kids were young, I found that my beliefs regarding religion were pretty much unchanged. I did some research and came upon the UU church in Richmond and found that the broader view of religion and the idea of an individual pursuit of truth and meaning were appealing to me. Penny and I later joined the UU Fellowship of Harrisonburg, Virginia after we moved to the Shenandoah Valley, which was a very positive experience for us both. So, when we moved to Sedona in 2016, we began attending SUUF and became members soon after.

How does SUUF fit into your spiritual journey?

My own spiritual journey will always be a work in progress, but I’m glad to be making it with this congregation here in Sedona. Especially now that Reverend Anthony is our new minister and we are starting to meet in person once again, I am optimistic about the future.