Social Activities we enjoy at SUUF . . .

Social Activities were curtailed at the start of the Covid­19 pandemic, but many have resumed in recent years. Please enjoy these photos and remember all the Friendly Feasts you have enjoyed, the Potlucks and Picnics, the exotic Auctions, the Halloween parties, Christmas concerts, etc.

Friendly Feasts

Fantastic Meals! Stimulating Conversations! Charming Dining Companions! Sound Interesting? Then SUUF Friendly Feasts are for you! Our Friendly Feasts are dinners generally held once a month at members’ homes. These small group gatherings provide another way to get to know each other in a casual and warm atmosphere. The designated hosts let attendees know what dish to bring to accompany the host’s entree. Interesting conversation and laughter are also on the menu!

Men’s Breakfast Group and the Women’s Lunch Group

Gatherings are held monthly at various restaurants in Sedona, Cottonwood and the Verde Valley, with good food and friendships  strengthened by breaking bread together with engaging conversation and camaraderie.

SUUF Special Fundraising Events held throughout the year. . .

These have included Annual Auctions, Halloween and Holiday parties and concerts for gathering together in the spirit of fun, music and dance and at the same time raise funds for SUUF.

Social Activities: And a great time was had by all!