Speaker: Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker

A Sermon for All Souls

We’ll take a break from in-person services this week by presenting a virtual service, revisiting the sermon provided a year ago by Reverend Robin Zucker. This will be a week earlier than the celebrations which fall at the end of October. We will again present … read more.

Dreaming God or God Dreaming

In our society, and especially in the political sphere, we hear subtle and not so subtle claims to being “Godly.” In this morning’s service, will explore a provocative theological question posed by a 14-year-old UU some years ago in his Coming of Age Credo statement: … read more.

The Church of Not Being Horrible

In the words of liberal Christian minister, John Pavlovitz: “The Church of Not Being Horrible will gather every week to celebrate the inherent goodness of people. We’ll share stories of the ways we succeeded in being less than horrible to our families, coworkers, and strangers, … read more.

Unitarian Universalism as Jazz!

Jazz is a different drummer’s kind of music and Unitarian Universalism is a different drummer’s kind of religion. In fact, the parallels between the two are quite remarkable. Both have evolved from more strident and orthodox forms, and both have been shaped by numerous sources. … read more.