I love words and music. There are not many song lyrics that move me as much as the lyrics of the song “Why?” by Annie Lennox. This Sunday we will explore the personal meaning that these lyrics conjure up in my mind’s eye. The message is always in the music.

“This is the book I never read
These are the words I never said
This is the path I’ll never tread
These are the dreams I’ll dream instead…”    Annie Lennox

This in-person service was held in the sanctuary at the JCSVV. There was an unfortunate glitch with the video recording, but a separate audio recording made it possible for our very talented Music Director & AV Manager Susannah to successfully post this video version on our YouTube channel.

For everyone’s protection during the ongoing pandemic, we continue to adhere to several safety protocols against transmission of the Covid-19 virus, including the wearing of masks and social distancing. Please read this news item on our website for complete details prior to attending our in-person services.