UU Soup: Season to Taste

In Unitarian Universalism, our birthright or adopted tradition, I often wonder (even, fret) about the degree of communal memory or the level of familiarity with the UU “recipe.” Critics both inside and outside of our movement suggest that we are a smorgasbord of side dishes with no main course; a “salad bowl religion,” or worse, a twice-warmed Sunday supper of what Grandma Esther would call Kakapitzamadritza — leftovers!

This sermon proposes that we are a more akin to a soup base that has simmered for centuries, rich in its integrity, courage, and faithfulness. Just as the word religion itself implies a “binding together,” our UU soup blends cabbage from Transylvania, sausage from Poland, corn from the Iowa Sisterhood, fine wine from the Enlightenment, a meaty bone from the New Englanders. “Eat this in remembrance of me,” calls out Michael Servetus, William Ellery Channing, Olympia Brown. How shall we answer them as post-modern, open-minded freethinkers?

Sermon provided by Rev. Robin L. Zucker.

Musical selections performed by Susannah Martin and others.

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