From the Ten Commandments to Seven Principles

Due to a schedule change, “The Great Undoing” with Reverend Anthony Johnson, which was previously planned for this Sunday, will be the topic on Sunday, March 26.

Rev. Anthony is in Tucson this weekend attending an OWL training sponsored by the UUA.  He asked SUUF Member Paul Friedman, PhD., to offer the talk at SUUF, which will be “From the Ten Commandments to UU’s Seven Principles.”  Both “lists” offer guidelines for living a good life; both are widely respected.  This in-depth exploration will reveal what they have in common, how they differ; and how each was beautifully suited to the world in which it appeared.
Paul was a multiple teaching-award winning professor (at the University of Kansas), has been a guest lecturer on many cruise ships around the world (literally), is among the most popular leaders of OLLI classes in Sedona, and runs a community mediation service based in the Sedona City Manager’s office.
This service will take place in the Sanctuary at the JCSVV (Synagogue) located at 100 Meadowlark Drive in Sedona, and will be followed by our coffee/social hour. We look forward to your joining us!

Heads Up!

With the unavailability of the JCSVV sanctuary on that day, our service for Sunday March 12 (next week) will be held at “The Hub” located in West Sedona (this was our meeting location during 2019-2020). Be sure to check the posting for that date, which includes a map & driving directions (in case you need them). We return to the JCSVV sanctuary on Sunday March 19.


Please read the latest recommendations from our Covid Safety team from their meeting in December, as posted on our website. It contains details about the current status for our local area, including the increased risk of exposure to our most susceptible members at planned events. Individuals should make their own decisions with the guidance of their medical professionals. Thank you to everyone for being aware of the ongoing risks and for doing everything possible to protect yourself and others.