Every Day is Mother’s Day

This SUUF Worship Service will recognize and honor those mothers who have taught us how to be human. Those mothers who grew a human in their body. Those mothers who have been, and are presently, a mother to any sentient being. Motherliness is much more than the romantic image portrayed in patriarchy. Motherhood is the most important function in any society because it insures its future. We will honor our mothers who have cared for and continue to care for us and for our world. Come Join us.

This Sunday’s service, held in the sanctuary at the JCSVV, included a ceremony to Welcome New Members into our Fellowship, and was followed by Coffee Hour and Cake in the Social Hall.

left to right: Dawn Griffin, Marj Haas, Alan Murray, Melissa Murray, Sam Kasbohm, Lee Klose, Phil Nordberg, Gini Kyle, Debby Losse, Chuck Spence, J’net Smith, Nate Smith, Nancy Martin, President Tanya Mayer, Rev. Anthony Johnson