Elderhood: The Great Fullness of Life

Our sermon will focus on what it means to be grateful for being an Elder in today’s world. How can our wisdom of Elderhood serve us and our fellowship? How can we express our great fullness, our lived experiences and our celebration of life at this stage of our lives?

We shall consider redefining the meaning of aging and we will examine our prejudices around ageism.

This in-person service takes place in the sanctuary at the JCSVV, located at 100 Meadowlark Drive, and will feature live singing by our musician Susannah Martin.

Out of concern for everyone attending our service, particularly those who may be at risk, we continue to encourage practicing safety precautions. These include wearing masks, along with social distancing, whenever possible. Please read this report from our Covid Safety Team if you plan to attend.

Previously-recorded services from September 2020 through April 2022 continue to be available on our YouTube channel and may be easily accessed from the posting for that week’s service.