A Deep Dive Into the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is a Universalist example of wisdom—it’s a central principle in nearly all the world’s religions.  Yet it’s often violated, sometimes even in the name of those faiths and by their leaders.  Understanding why requires a deep dive into where the Golden Rule fits best in human life.  Its use depends on how we first define or frame our situation.  Interactions can be thought of in two ways: as finite or infinite.  In finite activities, people compete, debate, fight; they seek to be winners when the activity ends.  In infinite activities, there are no winners or losers, and participants want to keep enjoying the game for as long as possible.  The Golden Rule is irrelevant in finite games; it’s absolutely essential in infinite games.  From this perspective, we illuminate the Golden Rule’s role in enriching our lives.

This in-person service was held in the sanctuary at JCSVV. It was recorded and may now be viewed on our YouTube channel using this link.

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