Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Proxy Voting Procedures

An eligible voting member who is unable to be present at any duly convened meeting of the membership may authorize a proxy to cast his/her vote on any item(s) brought before the membership at the meeting. Authorization shall consist of the member’s submitting written notification of such intent to the President of the Board at least three days prior to the meeting. Email shall constitute written notice. A proxy may be held and exercised by any other eligible voting member, including any current board member.

In addition to written prior notification, a Proxy Vote Authorization (PVA) Form must be completed by the absent member and submitted to the presiding officer at the membership meeting concerned by the member’s designated proxy. 

Proxy Vote Authorization Forms shall be drafted by the board secretary specific to each meeting. The forms shall consist of a statement authorizing a specific member to exercise the absent member’s proxy. The absent member’s vote for all items on the meeting agenda that require formal votes by the membership shall be noted on the PVA Form.

A proxy may be limited to specific votes on any given item(s), or a general authorization to vote as the proxy holder understands the proxy grantor’s wishes on the item(s) to be addressed in the meeting concerned. The PVA Form shall indicate the specific terms of the proxy holder’s votes.

Approved May 20, 2012 by SUUF Board of Trustees

Revised November 10, 2023 by the SUUF Board of Trustees