SUUF and Aging [#68]

We’re all growing older. For some, aging evokes fear—often about declining mental and physical abilities and diminished self-worth. However, the Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship affirms the inherent worth and dignity of all people, at all ages, and views the last years of our lives as every bit as important as the first years.

For UUs, wisdom development continues as long as we live. We are never too old to find deeper meaning in life and in what happens to us.

UU theology also stresses interdependence, meaning that each of us will need care, and each of us will provide care, at various points throughout our life.

We did not grow up by ourselves; neither should we grow old by ourselves. Aging well means finding a balance between gritty self-determination and gratitude for the assistance received from caring friends.

In our UU community, although we’re not all the same age at the same time, we value growing old together. Our community supports people dealing with all sorts of life transitions, including the pilgrimage of growing older.  We celebrate the benefits and joys of aging, as we weather its challenges.

Whatever people’s age, we value them at SUUF, and we do what we can to make their presence easier, at times by arranging a ride to our worship service, offering an arm for support in finding a seat, and providing a supplementary hearing device.

Since we’re all engaged in growing older, we want to shape it together, all the while sharing the dignity and grace everyone deserves.

August 25, 2023