Dear Fellowship,

In accordance with our SUUF Bylaws Article VIII, Section 3, the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) submitted the below slate of candidates to serve as a Ministerial Search Committee (MSC). The MSC identifies, screens, and brings forth candidates to be considered for the position of SUUF Minister.

The LDC recommendations came from names that were provided by you, our members, in the recent congregational survey. Both the Board and the LDC thought it was important that our fellowship be directly involved with suggesting our representatives to serve on the MSC.

The MSC consists of one Board member and four members of the fellowship. The recommended slate was:

Ron Burkey (Board Member)
Dreama Aldredge
Bill Golightly
Barbara Litrell
Ben Shor

We are pleased to announce that the nominees were approved by the Fellowship and will begin the process of searching for a Fellowship Minister.
Thank you for participating in this important step as we move forward together.

In Fellowship,

Louisa Jaskulski, Kathy Kinsella, Barbara Litrell
The Leadership Development Committee

A Message from your Minister

April 29th, 2020

Dear SUUF Members & Friends,

On Tuesday, April 28th, 2020, I informed the Sedona UU Fellowship (SUUF) Board of Trustees that I will conclude my ministry to SUUF at the end of the current fellowship year, June 30th, 2020.

What we have built together over the past eight years is unique. Contract Ministers at small UU congregations usually don’t last for eight years, but we did!

When I arrived at Sedona UU Fellowship in September 2012, the total pledges that year was $36,600; membership was at 45.

This current year our membership is 70+ and the total combined pledges are over $70,000. This is membership growth greater than 50% over eight years and total pledge growth 90%+ over eight years.

We did this in an environment where mainline Christian Churches are rapidly declining nationally, and the population growth in Sedona was essentially flat.

In 2013, we expanded to offering service of celebration every Sunday, September-May, rather than only 3 Sundays Services a month.

In 2014, we welcomed Susannah Martin to lead us in song during Sunday Services and she has served us the past six years with such grace. Overnight, we transformed from a traditional service to a contemporary service; and this has introduced SUUF to many Sedona residents who otherwise might not have known us.

We became recognized as a Welcoming Congregation in 2016 after years of study, preparation, education, and advocacy.

We successfully mentored a student minister, Anthony Johnson, in 2017-2018, who is now a minister in preliminary fellowship with the UUA who is serving the UU congregation in Humboldt County, California. For this first time in our history, we were a “teaching congregation.”

Over the years, we became more connected and integrated with UUJAZ; the statewide justice & advocacy network of UU congregations in Arizona. We also built good connections with local social justice and advocacy organizations in the Verde Valley, such as PFLAG, Sedona Food Bank, Hope House & Verde Valley Sanctuary.

And more than a few Sedona residents now know that Unitarian Universalists exist here in Sedona (and are not affiliated with the Unity church)!

It is important for you to know that this decision to leave was mine and mine alone. I have a very strong and positive working relationship with SUUF President Chris Seeholzer and the current board of trustees. And I had very strong and positive relationships with the board during Scott Robinson’s presidency and during Craig Hartley’s presidency. At all times, now and for the past eight years, my relationship with the board has been based on respect and a shared commitment to fulfill the mission and vision of Sedona UU Fellowship.

We can only respond, the best we can, to our situation. Taking my leave, now, in the time of a global pandemic, in the midst of stay-in-place orders…leaves me feeling somber, as I cannot safely say good-bye in person. We will do the best we can, safely.

I don’t know what my future endeavors will be. I began looking in earnest for other ministry opportunities this week. I will share my plans with everyone when they are solidified.

I am so glad I ran into Diane Nadeau and Craig & Cornelia Hartley at UUA General Assembly in Phoenix in June 2012, (in 117 º heat!), that began us on this adventure. Sedona UU was and always will be my first ministry, and I will always remember you. I have loved serving this congregation and its members. I deeply appreciate all the support I have received.

In Gratitude, With Love,

Rev. Glenn C. Farley

A Word from the SUUF Board of Trustees

There are times in our life when we are lucky enough to meet truly good people. We have met so many of you through SUUF, but one in particular deserves our thanks, our respect, and our well wishes as he moves on to other adventures.

How can I express my thanks, the thanks of the SUUF Board, and the thanks of the entire congregation to Rev. Glenn for all he has given us in eight years of dedicated service to our fellowship. His good humor, genuine caring, and intelligent thoughtfulness will be greatly missed. No matter where he goes, I hope he will always consider SUUF as his home.

COVID-19 places an unfortunate obstacle to seeing Glenn off with the gathering and group hug that he deserves. We will make plans for an appropriate celebration of Glenn as soon as health and safety concerns allow.

I assure the fellowship that our transition will be smooth and the board, with the fellowship, will put plans in place to resume services in September, as we embark on SUUF’s next phase. The board and I will keep you posted along the way, as we will work hard to create a bright future for our beloved fellowship.

Again, we offer our best wishes and deepest appreciation to Rev. Glenn.

On behalf of the SUUF Board of Trustees,

Chris Seeholzer
SUUF President