All are welcome to participate in our Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (SUUF) as either a Member or a Friend. Your interest in becoming a Member or Friend of our Fellowship provides you with a way to live your values aloud, not alone . . . and we are excited to have you join us!

At SUUF, we do not have a set list of beliefs you must agree and adhere to, but rather to strive to live by our principles and treat each other in a loving manner. We all aspire to become better people, partners, parents, guardians and citizens by advancing enduring values such as honesty, integrity and compassion in all that we do.

You may simply become a Member by signing our Membership Book in the presence of a Leader of the Fellowship.

Choosing to become a Member of SUUF signifies the beginning of a new relationship. Members make a financial pledge to support the Fellowship, have a vote in its management, volunteer their time and talent, and participate fully in the life of the Fellowship. By becoming a Friend, your commitment is not a formal one, however, you may actively participate in our programs by giving your time and contributing monetarily. We encourage all Members and Friends to get involved in ways that both nourish you spiritually and challenge you to give of yourself in service to others.

At certain times within the year SUUF holds recognition “New Member” ceremonies to introduce each person who has signed the Membership Book to the larger Fellowship, so we can become known to each other and congratulate and welcome you. Anyone wishing to become members can also sign the book at this ceremony as well.

It is important to know that SUUF is a beloved community that needs each Member or Friend to assist by sharing their special abilities to help us grow in supporting each other and the larger community in which we live. Our voices are louder, our influence is greater and we can face life with hope and confidence by acting in concert with one another.

We are a welcoming, inclusive community that offers all individuals and families different avenues for exploring and deepening their lives through fellowship, social action, leadership and love. . . and we are very excited you are willing to join us in this exciting adventure of faith.

Reverend Glenn welcoming our New Members this past Spring, 2020.
Reverend Glenn welcoming our New Members this past January, 2020.