SUUF and Me

Update: Waking up to several inches of snow this morning, and out of concern for travel conditions, today’s service is canceled. Stay safe and have a good week.

Our Worship Service this Sunday will focus upon a real life story presented by SUUF Member Jan Oswald who will share how her spiritual journey led her to Unitarian Universalism and to SUUF. Our Worship Associates will be Carolyn Kavanagh and Michael Steele.

This in-person service takes place in the sanctuary at the JCSVV, located at 100 Meadowlark Drive.


Constellations of Our Lives

Humans make maps of stars, choosing some stars, ignoring others,
to project our imaginations onto the heavens.
These maps shift over time, across cultures.
Names change for the same assemblage of bright points:
Drinking Gourd, Big Dipper, Plough, Lost Hunters, Saptarishi.

Humans make constellations by connecting stars.
Humans make meaning by connecting stories: story to story to narrative to story.
Some blaze bright, some are faint. Most are backdrop to the great and mundane human unfolding.

Let us imagine the stories of our lives as a starry universe above our heads.

As leaders of this congregation, we are tasked and trusted
to draw constellations in this, our beloved, small universe.

May the stories we connect draw constellations
that reflect a shared ministry that calls out the best in us.

— Karen G. Johnston, settled minister at The Unitarian Society in East Brunswick, NJ.


Please read the latest recommendations from our Covid Safety team from their meeting in December, as posted on our website. It contains details about the current status for our local area, including the increased risk of exposure to our most susceptible members at planned events. Individuals should make their own decisions with the guidance of their medical professionals. Thank you to everyone for being aware of the ongoing risks and for doing everything possible to protect yourself and others.