Even though the body keeps score, you can thrive

Chuck Spence, our speaker for this Sunday, will talk about being abused as a child/adolescent and how he overcame it and finally accepted being gay.

Chuck has been an active UU for 50 years. He founded one fellowship and served as board president at 4 other churches/fellowships and chaired the UUSC board. He served as president and chancellor college systems for 30 years, and then spent 15 years as a board member (and CEO) of high tech higher education companies and founded a new company 5 years ago. He serves as board chair.

He has been active in anti-violence associations and was a founder of Male Survivor which focused on healing for men who had been abused.  He appeared on Oprah to discuss these issues.

He is married to Neil Kennedy, a ceramicist, and moved to Sedona 5 years ago.  Chuck is active in support of the Arts, Unify Sedona and Northern Arizona Restorative Justice.  He has three children and 4 grandchildren.

This in-person service takes place in the sanctuary at the JCSVV, located at 100 Meadowlark Drive.