The fellowship newsletter is the primary medium used to share information among our members and friends. It presents the fellowship in an attractive, exciting manner and provides information that encourages participation in fellowship activities. The guiding mission of the newsletter is to advertise our fellowship as a lively, positive, and influential spiritual community.


The Newsletter Editor is appointed by the Board of Trustees, and is under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees.

  1. Editorial Content

Highest priority:

Communications from the minister

Information about Sunday services

A listing of fellowship events for the coming month

Information about fellowship functions, e.g., pledge drive, congregational meetings,

and upcoming discussion groups and classes.

Secondary priority:

District and denominational news

News and announcements of organizations representing marginalized groups

News reports and pictures of recent events in the life of the fellowship.

Advertising is currently not accepted for the newsletter.

Contact information is an important part of any article announcing fellowship events.

Members personal or e-mail addresses, or phone numbers will only be used with that person’s permission.

Persons appearing in pictures will be identified at the discretion of the editor.

The Newsletter Editor (alone or in cooperation with the Board of Trustees) has the right to set submission deadlines, edit material that is too long or that contains incorrect grammar or spelling, and to decline material that is not in keeping with this policy.)

Members may submit articles directly to the Newsletter Editor. Newsletter Editor has the authority to appoint an Assistant Editor for help in times of need (vacation, iIlness, etc.)

  1. Distribution

The newsletter is distributed monthly electronically to all fellowship members and friends, and to visitors who indicate interest.

Questions about the newsletter should be referred to the Newsletter Editor. Questions about this newsletter policy should be referred to the Board of Trustees

Approved by the SUUF Board of Trustees October 19, 2023.

Tanya Mayer

SUUF President