Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Finance Procedures


The Finance Team is appointed by the Board of Trustees and has the responsibility to monitor and advise the board on the Fellowship’s fiscal health and financial operations. The team is responsible for preparing a draft annual budget for the board and organizing the annual pledge drive.


The Board of Trustees’ Treasurer is member of the finance team. The Treasurer or finance team chair person, if different, provides financial reports at each board meeting along with a report on finance team meeting discussions.

The Treasurer is responsible for depositing Fellowship receipts and monitoring the collection of pledges. The Treasurer works with the accounting services provider to record receipts, pay and record bills and expenses, and prepare monthly financial statements.


Financial records shall be maintained by the accounting services provider and the Treasurer to comply with proper accounting practices and in accordance with the records retention policy. Reports of giving for the previous calendar year will be provided for members and friends every January.


A checking account for the Fellowship’s day-to-day business will be kept at an FDIC financial institution. Checking account signers will be the board Treasurer, President, and accounting services provider. Signers should avoid signing a check payable to themselves to protect them from any appearance of self-interest.

A savings account should be kept at the same institution as the checking account to provide access to funds if needed for an emergency. Other savings or investment accounts may be kept as the finance team and board deem advisable. Signers for these accounts should be the same as the checking account.  Monthly/quarterly financial account statements must be reconciled in a timely manner upon receipt, by either the accounting services provider or the Treasurer.


The minister shall receive a monthly paycheck at the beginning of each month for work performed the prior month. Payroll recordkeeping, including the timely filling of required federal and Arizona tax reports, is the responsibility of the accounting services provider. Payroll advances will be allowed as approved by the Board of Trustees.


As specified in the By Laws, a financial review of the Fellowship’s financial record shall be conducted in even numbered years. The Board of Trustees shall appoint the reviewer and determine the type of review to be performed (compilation, review, or audit). The Treasurer and accounting services provider will provide the financial records requested by the reviewer. An independent CPA audit may be conducted at any time at the behest of the Board of Trustees.


The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual report to the Arizona Corporation Commission, which is due in April. The statutory agent listed on the annual report will be the board Treasurer.


Approved at Board of Trustees’ Meeting held December 15, 2023.