Tour of the John Henry Waddell Relational Sculpture

Tour of the John Henry Waddell Relational Sculpture has been delayed . . .

Mike Upp sends the following update:

We have experienced several technical issues that we need to further work on.  We are going to postpone the Zoom Tour for several weeks.  I will send out an email to everyone next week letting them know the new date.

I kept everyone’s name and email address in a file, so we won’t lose track of anyone.

Sorry for the delay, but it will be worth the wait!


Mike Upp

Lift figure in Dance groupThe following information was received courtesy of Mike Upp.
Coming on October 29th at 5 PM will be: Ruth Waddell presenting a fascinating “Tour of the John Henry Waddell Relational Sculpture.”  
The majority of the Tour was filmed yesterday by Christie Helm. Ruth does an amazing job of taking us thru some of John’s moving work and providing us real insight and inspiration about the art that was his life.
Most of you will remember we were trying to put together an actual visit to the Waddell Studio back in March that we had to cancel because of the pandemic.  The Virtual Tour of some of John’s fabulous work is a great opportunity to gain a much deeper understanding of this amazing artist through the eyes and words of his loving wife.