Do Not Make Your Descendants Apologize For You


Letter to the Editor

October 2020

I was born in Germany, 15 years after WW II ended. The burden of Nazi Germany is something I will carry until the day I die.  Would I have been brave enough to resist, knowing that if I got caught I would be executed for treason? I hope so, but thankfully, I would never have to make that decision. Or would I?

I always considered myself an American. I devoured American literature, watched every TV show and movie, and planned my first trip to the US a million times. The wide spaces, easygoing lifestyle, friendliness of Americans, and the belief that dreams can come true took hold of me. I crossed this country from one historic site to another – it all inspired me. I have lived here for 34 years now and my life here has been amazing.  I love this country.

I’ve studied the resistance movement during Hitler’s Germany. Those young people, none of whom would live to see the end of the war, inspire me. They couldn’t march or demonstrate; it was illegal. The government had discredited the press and taken control of judges. Sound familiar? In spite of great and personal danger they found ways to get out their message:  WAKE UP!! See what’s happening!  RESIST!

The situation I never thought I would be in has come. So I stand up, I speak out, and I beg you, my fellow Americans, let’s be decent again. Let’s open the cages and reunite children with their parents.  Let’s make lying wrong again.  Let’s stand with our immigrant and LGBTQ neighbors. Let’s go down in history as having been on the correct side.

Don’t make your descendants apologize for you. Have them know that you were part of saving this great nation. VOTE!

Chris Seeholzer

Sedona, AZ