Who are We?

“Who are Unitarian Universalists?” someone asked a friend who attended a recent UU service.

“Got me,” she replied, “after the service they stood around the coffee table discussing last night’s movie and next fall’s election; reviewing the morning sermon, designing tomorrow’s education, and worrying about the next century’s oceans.

“They seem to enjoy celebrating the gift of life, mixing humor with philosophical discussion, and addressing our community’s needs with concerned action, while they nibble chocolates and sign petitions.

“One person mentioned the movie, ‘Oh God!’ in which George Burns, playing the title role, was asked, ‘Was Jesus your son?’  George replied, ‘Of course, Jesus was my son,’ puffed on his cigar, and added, ‘But so were Confucius, the Buddha, Mohammed…and lots of others who didn’t get such good publicity.’

“Seems UUs don’t go in for hero-worshipping.  The minister closed his service with, ‘We ask these things in the names of all those, known and unknown, remembered and forgotten, who lived and died as true servants of humankind. Amen.’

“His point was that greatness in spirit and deeds isn’t the sole possession of ancient exemplars or famous faith leaders. UUs value everyone who hopes to live, as Lincoln said, “with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right.”

[published in the Red Rock News on February 11, 2022]