What We Believe

What set of ideas characterize this faith tradition?  Here is what most UUs believe:

  1. Freedom of religious expression. They encourage individuals to develop and share their own personal theologies, without fear of censure or reprisal.
  2. Tolerating religious ideas.  They believe all religions possess intrinsic merit and have potential value for those who learn about them.
  3. Primacy of reason and conscience. On religion, their ultimate arbiter is not a church, a document, or an official, but each individual’s thoughtful choice.
  4. The never-ending search for truth. They keep their minds and hearts open, having faith that new insights and wisdom will come.
  5. The unity of experience. They trust that the sacred and the secular will align, since they spring from the same reality.
  6. The worth and dignity of each human being. Everyone has an equal claim to life, liberty, and justice.
  7. The ethical application of religion. Good works emerge from a good faith — inner grace is expressed in caring community involvement.
  8. The motive force of love. Human life flourishes with love that seeks others’ welfare, never to hurt or destroy.
  9. The necessity of democracy.  Records should be open to scrutiny; elections open to members; and ideas open to criticism — so people can govern themselves.
  10. The importance of religious community.  Peers provide a network of mutual support, along with a critical platform.

[SUUF Member Paul Friedman continues to provide weekly articles for publication in the Red Rock News. This article – or a variation thereof – appeared in the Sept 9, 2022 issue]