What Opinions are Taboo for Us? [#14]

Very few.  At the Unitarian Universalism Fellowship, you can hold any opinion you want about the existence of a god and what to call that god.  And  you can change, your opinion over time.

You can follow your conscience, your readings, your thoughts, and your desires on issues like the existence of an afterlife, the idea of grace, the value of prayer, or the authority of religious texts.

UU congregations vary, too.  They practice many different worship styles: some are raucous and religious, some contemplative and nature-based, and some intellectual and secular.

You can pray or not, sing along with everyone or just listen, rush out after the service or help brew the coffee, collect canned goods or organize a field trip, pass out a petition or let the petition pass you by, dress casually for services   or don your finest attire.

Having set aside divisive doctrinal battles, UUs seek only commitment to the fluid, open, collective work of seeking our truths, without assuming that we will all share the same truth.

April 22, 2022