What Do We Believe? [#11]

Whatever they choose to, and their beliefs may evolve over time. UUs are open-minded.  Most have gained truth and wisdom from cultures and traditions quite distant and different from those they grew up in. UU is a non-creedal faith. Rather than adhere to a common theology, UUs honor each person’s spiritual quest and the spiritual values they uphold in their life.

One member said, ‘Whether you revere God, Goddess, nature, the human spirit, or something holy that you have no name for, you are welcome in our UU community.  Here you can worship, study, work, and be in relationship with individuals who are each on their own spiritual path… Doubts and questions are welcome, and we uphold one another amid all the storms of life.”

UUs have been around for many generations. They prefer a religion marked by freedom, reason and acceptance, in addition to faith and hope and love.

UUs’ forebears are those who emigrated seeking religious freedom, ministers who preached that no one is damned to hell or outside the reach of divine love, thinkers who taught that no spiritual tradition has a monopoly on wisdom, and activists who focus on bettering this world rather than anticipating the afterlife.

March 25, 2022