UU Welcomes Multi-faith People

The Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (SUUF) includes individuals and families from varied religious backgrounds.

Rather than fear that differences in belief will be divisive, SUUF is confident that such differences strengthen their spiritual community.

Among their members are individuals and couples whose beliefs combine elements of Buddhist-Jewish, Atheist-Christian, Hindu-Muslim, Catholic-Methodist, Agnostic-Modern Pagan, and Taoist-Humanist traditions.  All feel comfortable within Unitarian Universalism because they are united in envisioning and fostering a more just and compassionate society.

For example, Alison (Christian-Jewish) says, “Growing up in the open-hearted and open-minded setting of Unitarian Universalism, I felt the absence of judgment. In that sacred space, my family was viewed as doubly blessed by our link to two rich traditions.”

And Aneesa (a Muslim-Southern Baptist) says, “We’ve found a place where it’s okay for me to be kind of atheist and kind of Muslim, where it’s okay for my family to be a little confused, where we can bring our mish-mash of cultures and traditions and our integration of two different worlds, into a safe space we can all be part of.”

Unitarian Universalism supports its congregants in their search for personal truth — a supported search that makes them more brave, more curious, and more compassionate throughout their lifetime.

People — whether of interfaith, multi-faith, mono-faith, or no-faith backgrounds, who share a commitment to personal growth and a vision of a just world — are all welcomed, respected, and celebrated.

[published January 5, 2024]