How We View Worship

What do Unitarian Universalists worship?  They know they are not at the center of the universe. Something larger, much grander and wiser than themselves, exists.  But what is that “something larger”?

Their answers vary, depending on their individual theology.  Some believe what’s larger is the integrated wisdom drawn from seekers’ spiritual explorations.

Some believe it’s whatever lies within and beyond scientific understanding.

Some believe it’s a divine force that thrums through the cosmos.  They wonder: Is it God? Is it a collective unconscious? Or is it something beyond their comprehension?

While UUs have different ideas about how they fit into the larger whole, they agree that worship is their shared practice of exploring, connecting to, and even creating that wholeness.

To one UU minister, worship is “defined not by a consensus on theological questions; but by a community paying attention and searching together.”

Another says, “To us, ‘We worship…’, by itself, is a full sentence and a powerful one.”

By encountering and engaging with that which is greater, wiser, stronger, and more compassionate than their individual selves, UUs  place themselves in a crucible for their own transformation and healing.

[SUUF Member Paul Friedman continues to provide weekly articles for publication in the Red Rock News. This article – or a variation thereof – appeared in the Sept 30, 2022 issue]