Our Concerns about Society [#26]

Many Unitarian Universalist congregants are saddened by the discord in our culture and our world. They see examples of a harsh fundamentalism in religion, and a bitter, exclusionary, anti-democratic emphasis in politics.

They are concerned about a nation that cages undocumented children and shrinks from condemning violent white supremacists, that threatens the autonomy of women’s bodies and the humane right of people to love whoever they choose.

UU, because of its deep roots in democracy and community, seeks to provide healing energy, effort, and compassion to victims of abuse. The Sedona UU Fellowship values and practices religious freedom; and they use that freedom to inspire actions that express their highest aspirations.

They know from experience that nothing takes the place of mutual respect within a community, that nothing is a worthy substitute for connection to what is holy and to one another, across all creedal and ethnic barriers.

November 4, 2022