SUUF as a Potluck Community

A pot-luck meal can surpass one with a predetermined menu because a group of creative people often bring a delicious variety of contributions.

What do people bring to the Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s pot-luck?

Some bring their attitude of gratitude–they want to express their thankfulness for the good that has come into their life.

Some bring their spirit of love–to contribute their human warmth and fellowship to all they feel in the hands and faces around them.

Some bring their inner joy–to exchange with others confirmation of their aliveness and hope.

Some bring their caring–knowing how much we need one another, how vulnerable we are if we face life solely by ourselves.

Some bring their spirituality–wanting to express and grow their connection to all that is beyond themselves.

Some bring curiosity–knowing that we learn best by engaging with people whose experiences and beliefs differ from our own.

Some bring awe–wanting experiences that deepen their connection to what they hold holy.

Some bring responsibility–wanting to take seriously their commitment to each other, their community, the human race, and our shared earth.

Some bring news to share–of their good times, knowing that others will share their happiness, and news of bad times, knowing that others will support them.

Some bring acceptance–wanting to welcome everyone coming through the door, without expecting them to change who they are to fit a particular mold.

Some bring openness—not knowing quite what will happen, yet eager to receive a new idea, a new experience, or new sustenance for their mind and heart.

Whatever they bring, they know that SUUF is a welcoming community that always has room for one more at their spiritual table.

[published September 1, 2023]