SUUF and Love

At the core of the Unitarian Universalist path is the celebration and presence of love.

For them, love isn’t an abstraction or platitude, but their primary way of saying thank you for the wondrous gift of abundant life. They view their purpose on earth as not only to praise love, but to embody and practice it.

Being human, their aspirations often outreach their accomplishments. Much as they try, they don’t always achieve their highest goals.  They may falter in serving the larger world, and fall short of being virtuous. However, love always carries them forward as a caring, compassionate community of fallible yet sturdy pilgrims.

Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship congregants are encouraged to love themselves, their neighbors, and the rest of the natural world.  They ask, in the words of UU songwriter Libby Roderick, “How could anyone ever tell you, you are less than beautiful?  How could anyone ever tell you, you are less than whole?  How could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle?  How deeply you’re connected to my soul.”

UUers are urged, when frustrated, to remember love; when saddened, to uplift each other with love; when exuberant, to share their love.

They believe in receiving, as well as giving, love. They agree with African American minister Howard Thurman’s declaration that a robust religious life requires that “our hearts be swinging doors that open in and open out.”

SUUF welcomes newcomers to its religious community—everyone, regardless of their tradition, gender, race, sexual orientation, or age.  As Francis David, 16th C. founder of Unitarianism wrote, “We do not need to think alike to love alike.”  All are supported to walk the ways of truthfulness, service, and holiness.  And, most of all, when among SUUF members, they’ll experience love.

[published August 11, 2023]