SUUF and Beliefs [#70]

Members of the Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship affirm everyone’s “free and responsible search for meaning.”  In other words, they don’t expect each other to proclaim a common creed.  They are not required to accept any theological position as true unless it resonates for them within their own soul.

But that doesn’t mean they lack beliefs. Like everyone else, they hold notions about the nature of reality and their purpose within it.  However, most UUs want to name those beliefs for themselves, while remaining open to discovery as they move through life, form relationships, and have experiences that shape their personal credo.

Since individuals have to figure out for themselves what they believe, being a Unitarian can be tough.  SUUF, however, provides ample opportunities for congregants to learn what others believe, for trying on those ideas to see how well they evoke a sense of the transcendent, and for sifting out those that do not.

Although SUUF does not prescribe what a person’s precise ideas should be, they do collectively share guiding principles for the journey; and they agree to walk with one another on that path, in love.

That walk often is exciting and filled with shared discovery and revelation; and sometimes it’s not. But the point is that they do it together, and they’re in it for the long haul.

Most agree that how people treat each other is more important than the specific beliefs they seek or hold.  Others’ behavior is more important than the words they use. Ultimately, UUers believe that how people live in the world is the best indicator of what their faith journey actually is.

In the SUUF community, people are generous about sharing what their minds and hearts and experiences call them to believe.  They are grateful for having access to multiple ways and opportunities for connecting to the great mystery of all that lies beyond our immediate senses.

September 8, 2023