Most current Unitarians were raised within other religious traditions.  Some were Catholic, Jewish, Baptist, Hindu, or Muslim, and some were agnostic and humanist.  Unitarians honor the universal values that underlie all of these and other spiritual paths.

For example, Unitarian ethics are consistent with the Declaration of Modern Humanism, agreed to at the 2022 Humanists International General Assembly in Glasgow, UK, of which the following is an excerpt:

“We accept that morality is inherent in the human condition, grounded in the ability of living things to suffer and flourish, motivated by the benefits of helping and not harming, enabled by reason and compassion, and needing no source outside of humanity.

“We affirm the worth and dignity of the individual and the right of every human to the greatest possible freedom and fullest possible development compatible with the rights of others.  To these ends we support peace, democracy, the rule of law, and universal legal human rights.

“We reject all forms of racism and prejudice and the injustices that arise from them.  We seek instead to promote the flourishing and fellowship of humanity in all its diversity and individuality.

“We hold that personal liberty must be combined with a responsibility to society.  A free person has duties to others, and we feel a duty of care to all of humanity, including future generations, and beyond this to all sentient beings.

“We recognize that we are part of nature and accept our responsibility for the impact we have on the rest of the natural world.”

[published June 2, 2023]