How Woke Are We?

Unitarian Universalism is at a crucial moment in its history.  UUs haven’t always been fully aware of or willing to grapple with the systems of privilege and oppression in which they are embedded and participate. But that is changing.

UUs are examining their history, their theology, their commitments, and their practices, looking for ways they might have perpetuated oppression and seeking to disrupt any systems and attitudes that limit their evolution toward a Beloved Community.

They are increasingly putting their values, their relationships, and their spiritual resources to the work of wholeness and inclusion.

For example, the SUUF “Widening the Circle” program educates and inspires-to-action its members regarding injustices suffered by marginalized people in our society—those whose race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disabilities, or other characteristics have limited their potential and freedom.

Together, imperfectly, UUs do their best to build communities and practices of inclusion, care, growth, and love.

[published in the Red Rock News on April 15, 2022]