Numbers of UUs

The number of Unitarian Universalists in the world is not impressive: about 200,000 in North America, 80,000 in Eastern Europe, 10,000 in Great Britain, and several thousand more scattered elsewhere in Europe, India, the Philippines, Nigeria, and other places.

The Sedona group is under 100. But, like Quakers, UUs’ influence far exceeds its small numbers. UUs disproportionately are remarkable social leaders who act on behalf of peace and justice according to their faith, not their fear; who answer fear with love; and who nurture human hope.

One UU member summarized her faith quite simply: “Unitarian Universalism is a fierce belief in freedom and reverence for the sacred dignity of each individual.

“It’s cooperation with the universe that created us, a celebration of life, being in love with goodness and justice, and a sense of humor about absolutes.

“It’s faith in people, hope for tomorrow’s child, confidence in a spiritual continuity that spans all time. It looks not to a perfect heaven, but toward a good earth. It’s respectful of the past, but not limited to it. It’s trust in growing and collaborating with change. It’s spiritual responsibility for a moral tomorrow.”

[published in the Red Rock News on February 18, 2022]