A UU Declaration of Beliefs

William F. Schulz, former president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, 30 years ago summarized his theology in seven beliefs.  They hold up well today:

  • That the blessings of life are available to everyone, not just a chosen or saved few;
  • That Creation itself is holy — the earth and all its creatures, the stars in all their glory;
  • That the sacred or divine, the precious and profound, are made evident not in the miraculous or supernatural, but in the simple and the everyday;
  • That human beings, joined in collaboration with the gifts of grace, are responsible for the planet and its future;
  • That every one of us is held in Creation’s hand — a part of the interdependent cosmic web — and hence strangers need not be enemies;
  • That no one is saved until we all are saved, where all means the whole of Creation;
  • That the paradox of life is to love it all the more, even though we ultimately lose it.

[SUUF Member Paul Friedman continues to provide weekly articles for publication in the Red Rock News. This article – or a variation thereof – appeared in the Dec 9, 2022 issue]