October 2023

Autumn is upon us, the red rocks glimmer as beautiful as ever, as the summer temperatures give way to the cooler breezes of the fall. October 21st will mark a day of celebration, as I am installed as the Settled Minister at SUUF, I am both honored and excited. Our upcoming SUUF October sermons will include the titles “What is Our Inheritance, and “Honoring Our Ancestors.”

During this month we will experience the journey of two more fellowship members and friends at a Sunday “SUUF and Me” worship service and we will also examine the moral issues raised by AI, artificial intelligence, where reason and intelligence may become machine driven, in a sermon entitled “Future Humans.” And speaking of Honoring those Ancestors, I offer this…

Ancestor Logic

Ancestor Logic is not logical, Ancestor Logic is not biological.
Ancestor Logic is not psychological, Ancestor Logic is not logical at all.
Ancestor Logic is not concerned about the person.
Neither the Son of Per, nor the daughter of Her.
Ancestor Logic is before the self, Ancestor Logic places the ego on the shelf.
Bringing you here from Kingdom’s Come, Ancestor Logic is where we all come from.
It may have started with the sway of a hip, or the wink of an eye.
The magic of a smile, or maybe the sound of a sweet sigh.
Attraction, then acceptance, a hug, a kiss and then, a natural body click.
About nine months later, you get a belly kick.
That’s Ancestor Logic, ‘tis, the intellectual antiseptic.
That’s Ancestor Logic.
Ancestor Logic is prelogical
That’s Ancestor Logic.
You see, the beginning of life is a hip-sway, or a smile and nothing can stop it.
True life is non-toxic, true life is Ancestor Logic.

—Rev. Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson