March 2022 – Minister’s Message

In our current time of turmoil, where the threat of war is much more than a threat for some. Where daily news stories depict the faces of what war really looks like. The fear, the pain, our humanness or lack thereof on full display. Does it really matter What they are fighting for? Does it matter more, Who they are fighting? We are fighting each other. When will our beings replace our things? When will human lives take priority spot number one? Let that be our cost to be measured-first. So I ask….

When Will “The Who” Replace “The What”?

Now is The Time to replace; “What law?” was broken.

Now is Time to make “Who was Harmed?” the words Spoken.

Time to Realign The laws of the state.

Time to make human healing The center of the debate.

Restorative Justice, some may call it; Justice with eyes open, I call it.

Eyes that see crime as broken lives, Regardless of the cause.

Eye Open Justice makes human healing as important as man-made laws.

“We are a nation of laws”, I hear the familiar chant.

No, we are a nation of people, ‘lest our constitution we shall recant.

You ever heard of a planet called Crime? A place in space where criminals come from?

Me neither, these are our sisters and brothers and then some.

I’ve been in the circles and witnessed the healing,

Stark reminders of the power of human feeling.

The “Perp” and the “Vic,” face to face in a circle of truth.

Led by loving folks who simply believe in love.

Sometimes face-water flows in and out, like the ocean tide,

Tears, which allow Ancestors to cross to the Other Side.

Makes you feel all warm inside.

So, how long do we keep harming people, who harm people,

to show that harm is no good?

How’s it working so far? Somebody better knock on wood.

Wood knocking too superstitious?  Is neuroscience good?

Brain studies show true caring is measurable and never misunderstood.

Let us melt that frozen sea within, From inmate to classmate,

From Felon to Fellow. From enemy to humanity.

Let us listen to the sweet strings of our Spirit cello.

Listening to our inner gut. Today let us allow,

“The Who?” To Replace “The What?”