Coffee Hour Wrap-Up – Summer, 2021

Life got somewhat-in-the-way since the previous Coffee Hour Notes were posted in mid-April. Other SUUF-related activity, including our pledge drive, weekly services, annual picnic, and preparations for the Annual Meeting, as well as some personal business, were in need of attention. But here we are again to provide a brief summary of our gatherings of the past couple of months.

Many have been able to travel with increased confidence, especially as more of us are now fully immunized against Covid. These included some joyful reunions and also postponed getaways. Sadly, some visits have involved spending time with loved ones who were seriously ill, or attending funeral services or memorials. 

We’ve been pleased to have several people join us whom we hadn’t seen in recent weeks or months, some due to medical procedures or other health concerns. To respect everyone’s privacy, we won’t mention their names in this public forum, but want to let you know that we are thankful for all successful outcomes, and are holding closely in our thoughts and our hearts those who are ill or anticipating surgery, or with concerns for their loved ones. Several have been mentioned during our sharing of joys and concerns each week.

In April, people were able to enjoy more in-person gatherings, including the “Open Studios” event held April 23-25, with a few being on-hand to assist at Ruth Waddell’s studio and to enjoy the art that she and John created during their many years there.

In May, around 30 people gathered for our annual picnic at Oak Creek Valley, when we welcomed five new SUUF members (see separate posting). There was also an exclusive big screen viewing of the comedy “Young Frankenstein,” for those who had signed up for it at our 2020 Auction event, at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre on May 8.

Our Annual Meeting was held on June 6 on Zoom, with at least 30 members and friends attending. Reports by the Board and Committees were presented in the Annual Report, and the election was conducted by email, with 45 members returning ballots. This represented 65% of our membership and satisfied the quorum requirement. All of the motions were overwhelmingly approved.

Be sure to check this posting throughout the summer for any updates from our virtual Coffee Hour gatherings on Zoom following Sunday services twice each month. Details for each service may be found under “Upcoming Services” on the Worship tab of the website. If you have any news that you’d like to share, you can email it to Pat at