Coffee Hour Notes – Feb 7, 2021

24 people joined us for our virtual coffee hour following last Sunday’s service. There was a bit of interest in the Super Bowl game and related festivities. Instead of an email, we’ve decided to try using our website to provide a summary of items of discussion that may be of interest to our fellowship this week. Be sure to use “chat” during Coffee Hour in order to share your news with the rest of the SUUF community.

Craig let us know about Emerson Theater Collaborative’s current production of “Bee Luther Hatchee” in celebration of Black History month this week in Village of Oak Creek. LIVE performances are scheduled for Feb 12-14 (with a dessert option for the Valentine’s Day matinee), or you can watch On Demand anytime through Sun Feb 14.

Kathy spoke about Donna Michaels’ statement regarding the vote on the Verde Connect project. This subject was raised by members during coffee hour, in light of a recent local newspaper article/editorial that was critical of the decision to cancel the project. You can read Donna’s message here.

Sandy mentioned a poem by DH Lawrence a couple weeks ago that she wanted to share with the group: To Let Go or To Hold On

Jan is recovering well from her dental surgery last week, and wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and good wishes.

Penny and Eddie were able to join us this week. Eddie continues to improve following eye surgery last fall and Penny is enjoying time spent riding her horse. Our condolences to Penny on the recent passing of her beloved Mum.

Pat would like to share the notice for anyone wishing to read about the amazing life of her dad, who passed away a week ago at age 95.

It’s encouraging to hear the more people have received their COVID vaccinations. Sarah Anne suggested that people who are isolated might contact Verde Valley Caregivers at 928-204-1238 for help in getting the vaccine. Other phone numbers and links were provided a few weeks ago in the mid-January Coffee Hour notes that were sent by email. There are several locations in the area to obtain COVID testing if needed, and we also learned about XpresCheck Testing available for travelers at Sky Harbor.

More viewing recommendations were shared. We’ll try to put together another list in the weeks ahead.

Please send an email to with any corrections or updates.