Coffee Hour Notes – Feb 21, 2021

Last Sunday’s service was produced on Zoom, with Rev. Anthony Mtuaswa Johnson delivering his sermon “Kids These Days”. We estimated that 35-40 attended our live service at 10 am, and around 30 remained with us for our coffee hour. It’s obvious that we’re still experiencing some growing pains with live Zoom services, but have been able to edit our recording and anticipate making it available for viewing in the near future. Thank you to all who participated this week.

There weren’t any official announcements this week, but we’d like to point out that next Monday March 1 is the deadline for submitting information for our March newsletter to Michelle Snyder.

Carol shared her sadness at having lost a lifelong friend last week, and Sandy expressed concern for a family they knew in Houston, particularly the husband, who is feeling the strain of helping people in their neighborhood during their recent winter weather situation. Let’s continue to keep in mind so many others who have had similar losses during the past year or enduring difficult times.

Carolyn, Barbara, Pamela, and others expressed joys about their children and grandchildren, in keeping with today’s theme of intergenerational relationships.

Rev. Anthony reminded us of the workshop that he’s offering through UUJAZ, titled “MultiKulti: Removing Unconscious Debris from the Soil of the Soul” which takes place on Thursdays from 6:30-8 pm through March 11. This workshop was mentioned in our February newsletter, and although the series began a few weeks ago, it’s still possible to register for the remaining sessions at

Sarah Anne has shared a copy of the March 2021 Newsletter for University Women of Sedona (our own Elizabeth Herrell is President!) which includes the Zoom link for their next meeting (on Monday, March 1st at 10 am) on Enneagrams, and notes on their upcoming meetings for April and May! Plus an auction for a golf certificate, and a memorial note about Peg Schlichemeier, who had been an inspiration to many.

Kathy said there was general interest in some proposed state legislation in her breakout room and provided the following information:

The bill would strip the AZ Corporation Committee of its constitutionally granted authority over energy policy.  The bill is an attempt to stop the CC from setting policy to achieve carbon emissions reduction.  Not only is his bill bad from an environmental perspective, it is also another attempt by the state to block the authority of governing bodies other than themselves, setting further precedent for usurping local control.
SB1175: corporation commission; electric generation resources (Kerr)
This bill, and HB2248, target the ACC clean energy rules that have gone through more than two years of development and vetting, enjoy strong public support, and that will save ratepayers dollars, reduce water use and pollution, and bolster Arizona’s economy.  The bills prohibit action by the ACC without express legislative authority, so this is also a big power grab by the Arizona Legislature. Status:  Held in Rules committee 


And to close on a lighter note, we had fun with the subject of “reaction videos” on YouTube. Sarah Anne shared this article and YouTube link about the twins who preview oldies and share their reactions. Find more by searching “TwinsthenewTrend” on YouTube.

Enjoy the rest of the week. See you next Sunday!