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We come together for Sunday worship to shape and define what is of value and worth to us. Our services focus on topics of spiritual, social and current concerns. We come together to sing, meditate and share our lives with one another. Our worship is designed to meet the diversity of spiritual paths that are embraced within Unitarian Universalism. Sunday services offer a celebration of community, an intellectual challenge and a deepening of the heart.

Our Services are held from September thru May generally at 10:00AM at The Jewish Community of Sedona & the Verde Valley, 100 Meadowlark Dr, Sedona. Exact dates and times of the services appear below.

The newsletter is now published on a monthly basis only. It is being sent on the second Thursday, following the monthly board meeting and will include a recap of those items discussed at the board meeting. The change is due to policy in place regarding the newsletter. All those persons that have information that needs to appear in the newsletter MUST have said information to the editor, Michelle Snyder, no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday evening of the publication.

Friendly Feasts

Fantastic Meals! Stimulating Conversations! Charming Dining Companions! Sound Interesting ?

Friendly Feasts are for you! Our upcoming Friendly Feasts for the 2017/18 season are March 17 and April 21.

The designated host(s) for each month contacts their assigned guests and lets them know what to bring to accompany the host’s chosen entreĢe. Guests contribute an appetizer, side dish or dessert. Friendly Feasts welcome all adults: single or couples. Everyone should plan to host as least once during the year. Hosting is a necessary requirement for participation.

You may join either as a regular participant or you may ask to be added to the substitute list. For more information, or to confirm you’d like to participate in the upcoming year, please contact Suzanne Burkey, or Dreama Aldredge

Anthony Johnson's Mens' Breakfast

The next Sedona Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Men’s Breakfast is Wednesday, February 14 at 8:30 am
at the home of Gary Dorer, 75 Topkie Dr. Sedona, AZ. Call at 928-203-9050. Please join us!

Sunday Service Volunteers for 2018

The SUUF Vision includes offering meaningful, transformative experiences as well as opportunities for authentic connection. Towards that end, the SUUF Board of Trustees is implementing a new way to provide everyone in the congregation an opportunity to serve on Sunday mornings.

This year we plan to put each member’s and friend’s name (couples and those individuals who wish to serve together will be placed together and individual members by themselves) in a bowl and we will draw names to assign a date on which they will be asked either to serve as Greeters and Ushers at the Welcome Table, or to host the coffee hour.

If you know in advance of any dates that you are unable to serve, you can provide those details and we will make sure you are not scheduled on those days. We anticipate circumstances may arise where members will not be available on the date they were assigned. In that case, we would request that those members make arrangements with another member to trade dates. We also understand that some members/friends may not be able to serve due to health and/or other issues.

Each of these volunteer opportunities is a chance to serve your Fellowship. Everyone who is asked to serve will be given detailed instructions on what they need to do. Most of us have served in these positions in the past and find it rewarding.

A SUUF Board member or someone else designated will be there on Sunday morning to assist and answer questions as needed. We also have hired a young man, Reaston, a junior at Red Rock High School, to put out the street signs and make the coffee prior to each Sunday service, which takes a huge burden off those serving.

Thank you in advance of your support and service to our Fellowship.
Sixth Annual SUUF Auction

SAVE THE DATE! Our SIXTH ANNUAL SUUF AUCTION is scheduled for Sunday March 4th, 2018! It will be in the early evening at JCSVV. Mark your calendars now and we look forward to seeing you for our biggest FUNdraiser of the year! Our theme for this year is Mo' Money MoTown - An evening of Motown.
Caring Committee

Remember, all you have to do is let the Caring Team know if there is anyone out there in need of a helping hand, some encouragement or just a card, even if it is yourself. If you do nothing, the Caring Team can do nothing! They will do the rest. And we will all be the beneficiaries.

Caring Committee members:
Rev. Glenn Farley 240-994-3861
Ron and Rae Steinke 284-0513
Bill Golightly 606-5023